Team Info

Head Coach – Geoff Gear (439-1105; gtgbox@yahoo.com)

Geoff Gear graduated from WKHS in 1995 where he was an All-American swimmer and water polo player. He attended the University of Massachusetts, where he graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in human nutrition. Geoff was a member of both the varsity water polo and swimming teams in college. This is Geoff’s 7th year as head coach of St. Charles and 10th year at SC. He has coached all levels of the sport, from novice to collegiate club to the Olympic Development Program. Currently he works as a high school substitute teacher and a stay at home dad. Geoff is married to his wife Whitney, and they have a 2 year old daughter Ainsley.

Assistant Coach – Nate Cohen (886-2376; cupswim09@gmail.com)

Nate graduated from St. Charles in 2005, where he was a member of the swim team and volleyball team. Nate was also a varsity swimmer at Clarion University, where he graduated in 2009 with a degree in Marketing. This is his 4rd year assisting with the water polo team, where his primary roles are working with the goalies and JV team. Nate recently graduated from Capital Law School in the top 99th percentile and is currently looking for a real job.

Assistant Coach – Sam Kocher

Assistant Coach – Kevin Coppel

2007 – The inaugural season of varsity water polo at St. Charles. Varsity record of 7-9. Team Captains; Marshall Sherman, Scott Martin, and Tucker Merkle. Honorable mention All-State – Marshall Sherman

2008 – Varsity record of 2-18. Team Captains; Corey Taylor and Sam Kocher. Honorable Mention All-State – Nick Schuttinger

2009 – Varsity record of 15-15. Team Captains; Corey Taylor, Sam Kocher, and Kevin Coppel. Ohio Cup runners up, 3rd place at Regionals. 1st team All-State – Orion Swanson. Honorable Mention All-State – Kevin Coppel. JV record of 15-0. Ohio Cup JV champions, Toledo JV Invite champions.

2010 – Varsity record of 31-4. Team Captains; Orion Swanson, John Flis, and Brian Willi. State Champions, Regional runners up, Ohio Cup runners up. 1st team All-State – Brian Willi and Orion Swanson. 2nd team All-State – Daniel Cogan and Max Herath. Honorable Mention All-State – John Flis. State Player of the Year – Orion Swanson. JV record of 16-0. Ohio Cup JV champions, Toledo JV invite Champions.

2011 – Varsity record of 28-6. Team Captains Daniel Cogan, Natty Patterson, Alex Kocher. State Champions, Regional Champions, Ohio Cup Champions. 1st team All- State – Natty Patterson, Daniel Cogan. 2nd team All- State – Alex Kocher. Honorable Mention All- State – Zach Poltor. State Player of the year – Natty Patterson. JV record of 20-0. Ohio Cup JV champions, Toledo JV Invite Champions

2012 – Varsity record of 22-13. Team Captains Tyler George and Carl Calcara. 3rd place at North Regional, 4th place at Knight invite, quarterfinalist at Ohio Cup. 2nd team All-State – Sam Aslaner. Honorable Mention All-State – AndrewHoffman. JV record of 14-11 (4-6 split squad). 5th place at JV Champs.

1. You are expected to follow your school’s eligibility policy at all times. Athletes will be expected to maintain a GPA higher than a 2.0, pass a minimum number of classes, and abstain from all illegal substances.

Athletic Eligibility (taken directly from www.stcharlesprep.org)

Participation in sports and/or all other sanctioned extracurricular activities at St. Charles is considered a privilege. St. Charles is a charter member of the Central Catholic League and abides by all CCL regulations established in the CCL Handbook. As a recognized member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, St. Charles adheres to all bylaws and regulations of OHSAA which requires each student athlete to pass no fewer than five credits each quarter. St. Charles also endorses the transfer eligibility and participation bylaw regulations and applies them to all St. Charles varsity sports, whether sanctioned or not by OHSAA. Note: current OHSAA bylaws are accessible through the association’s website: www.ohsaa.org under Bylaw 4 Eligibility. This includes Notice As to Loss of Eligibility for Athletics Due to Transfer (Bylaw 4-7). These bylaws
are amended each year and posted/printed in late summer.

Furthermore, to remain in good standing, a St. Charles student is expected to obey all of the rules and guidelines as put forth by the school, head coach or moderator of each sport or activity. Should a student fail to obey these rules and guidelines, he may be denied the privilege of participation in the sport or activity for a period of time to be determined by the head coach or moderator in consultation with the school administration.

In addition to the above, the student must also obtain a minimum of a 2.00 accumulative GPA each grading period to be eligible to continue participation in the sport or activity for the following grading period. (Both interim and quarter grade reports will constitute a grading period.) If a student fails to obtain a 2.00 GPA, he will be denied the privilege of interscholastic competition in the sport or activity for the following grading period. A student may participate in a sanctioned extracurricular activity if he has received a failing grade in a course and his accum for the grading period has not fallen below a 2.00.

Incoming Freshman Academic Eligibility

A student who receives all “Ns” in a subject area during the fourth quarter will be classified as not passing that subject last quarter. Any student who falls into that category must have the entire fourth quarter’s marks evaluated to determine eligibility. The number of subjects that qualify as a failure should be divided by the total number of subjects evaluated for the fourth quarter. The failure total must be less than or equal to 25% for the student to be considered eligible for fall sports in high school. Schools using traditional grades will use the local grading scale to determine the 75% passage rate.

Prohibited Conduct

No student participating in sports shall use, buy, sell or possess alcohol or drugs at any time. This prohibition shall be effective twelve months per year and shall be applicable regardless of the location of the student at the time.

First offense: The athlete will lose the privilege of participation in athletics for the following period of time: a. should the athlete violate this policy during a season in which he is participating in a sport, the athlete will be suspended from play in the next two regular season/tournament contests (one in football); b. should the athlete violate this policy at the end of the season, the athlete will be suspended for the same period of time as stated above in the next sport in which the student participates; c. should the athlete violate this policy out of season, the athlete will be suspended for the same period of time as stated above in the next sport in which he participates. An athlete under suspension may not sit on the bench nor attend the contests from which he has been suspended.

Second offense: The athlete will lose the privilege of participation in athletics for one full year from the date of the second offense. Mandatory assessment or treatment at an appropriate facility will be necessary to remain as a student at St. Charles.

Third offense: The athlete will be asked to withdraw from St. Charles.
Consequences by level of offense are not carried from one school year to the next. However, should violations occur in a student-athlete’s career, the administration reserves the right to mandate assessment or treatment at any time.

2. All practices are mandatory, including weight lifting. The coaches will pre-excuse an athlete from practice for one of two reasons only;
•Family situations (i.e. vacations, reunions, etc.)
•School related matters excluding nightly homework 8

It is an athlete’s responsibility to inform the coaching staff of any pre-excused absences BEFORE the absence occurs. Email, phone, text, and letters are all appropriate ways to inform a coach that you will not be at practice.

3. Athletes are expected to be on time to all practices and games. For practice this means being changed and on the pool deck at the beginning of each practice. The coaches will inform the athletes as to what time they are to be ready for games. Tardiness will not be tolerated, and will result in an athlete missing a portion of a game.

4. Athletes are expected to demonstrate respect for yourself, your teammates,your coaches, and officials. Disrespectful behavior aimed at any of these groups will result in a possible suspension from the team.

5. Athletes are expected to represent themselves and their team in a positive manner at all times. This includes after practices, at school, on road trips and any other instances where our team is in the public eye. PLEASE think about your actions at all times.

6. Finally, you are expected to enjoy yourselves and have fun. The coaching staff would like to make this season a memorable one for all athletes and their families.

An athlete must meet 2 out of the following 3 requirements in order to earn a varsity letter. The coaches reserve the right to use their discretion for an athlete who may be close to meeting a second requirement.

1. Participation in at least 25% of all varsity quarters. This means that an athlete must have one quarter played for every four quarters total.

2. Have at least 85% practice attendance.

3. Be a positive member of the team for a minimum of 3 years. This entails having a strong work ethic, being a positive role model for the younger players, and being a leader in the pool.